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      Trademarks safeguard brand identities, providing exclusive rights to logos, names, and symbols. They are essential for protecting business distinctiveness and preventing unauthorized use.




    Once the ownership of a work's copyright is established, the copyright holder can prohibit others from using the work, including actions such as registering it as a trademark, using it on products, or in commercial advertising and promotion.

    Sparks Partners offers an extensive array of intellectual property-related services, catering to both domestic and international clients. Our offerings encompass a wide spectrum of legal support, covering both administrative, litigation and non-litigation matters. Our services include, but are not limited to: thorough trademark services, encompassing risk analysis, registration, review, cancellation, renewals, modifications and oppositions; skillful drafting and consultation on intellectual property contracts, intellectual property rights assignment and licensing; diligent protection of trade secrets; comprehensive involvement in intellectual property protection including investigations, evidence gathering and preservation, the pursuit of administrative punishment and court judgment or even criminal sanctions.